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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:40 pm

By joining the Roman Catholic Music Ministry Online Community, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations enforced by the Administrator, Moderators, and Members of the community. If need be, the people in authority reserve the right to sanction anybody who goes against these rules.

Conditions and Requirements
Supply a valid email address (this goes for everyone). Don't worry, there's an option to hide the email addies from public. It's more of a system issue as an email will be sent you to deal with system processes like registration, password recovery, etc. It is preferred that the email address you supply is something unrelated to work, etc. as people tend to forget their work email addresses if and when they change jobs.

There will be no pornography, no flaming/fighting, no soliciting of anything unrelated to BP or the Catholic community.

Posting Guidelines - PAY CLOSE ATTENTION
Before everything else, always make sure that you READ ALL GUIDELINE POSTS (IF ANY) IN EVERY FORUM as they are most likely to be rules specific to a board/section. These threads have "sticky" indicators such as or Sticky: on them.

Check out if your question has been answered in the FAQ

Also, be sure to check past posts - That big SEARCH button on the topleft of the page is your ally To prevent the redundancy of questions, please check (via search or otherwise) topics that may be related to what you plan to ask or talk about. You can add to these topics if you have something to share.

Post messages in the appropriate board. We've limited the number boards as much as possible so they can accomodate a broad spectrum of topics. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure them out.

Questions specific to Music Ministry are usually on the Ask Music Director section.

Comments, suggestions, feedback specific to the site/board are on the Suggestions / Feedback in the Damage Control section.

Song Line-ups, questions about liturgy and related matters can be posted in Liturgical Songs.

Aything musical in nature (instruments, chords, techniques, etc. etc. are on the corresponding boards in the Choirs Issue and Concerns. Just follow the Sticky topics there for further guidelines.

Anything other than those already mentioned will be in the General Discussion board.

NO ONE is to put anything in the Announcement board. This is reserved for moderators and the webmaster.

Church and Community is the room where you can put all your concerns regarding your parish, chapels and your community where you belong.

Songbooks is intended for questions and discussions regarding what songbooks you use.

Regarding the usage of quotes: Everyone is advised to use quotes responsibly.
If you are replying to a certain part of a post then take out the other unneccessarry parts.

If you are replying to a post that is right before your intended reply, there's no need quote it.

If you are replying to a post thats pertinent in the discussion at the time you posted (even if it isn't right before yours) you still don't have to quote it. Just reply, i'm sure people will know which post you're talking about.
Basically, it will be taboo to quote whole posts . . . if the post was already way back, and not pertinent to the discussion then just quote the first few lines and ellipse the hell out of it

This will really help in saving precious bandwidth and space for the database.

Regarding the usage of text-speak

While we do not ban the use of text-speak (read as: we will not bust anyone's balls if caught using it), we do strongly urge people to use it sparingly

We will however, warn violators who take this to the extreme... when they use full-text-speak for every post they do.

"I wnt 2 c u b4 I go 2 d st8ion" (I want to see you before I go to the station)

People who post like this are better off just texting their friends and family instead of participating in the board.
Regarding typecases (e.g. uppercase, etc.)

The usage of uppercase letters should be done responsibly.

Due to the nature of "written communication," every "nuance" can contribute to implied meaning... whether it be on purpose or by accident. So in case people don't know it yet, just like with the emoticons/smilies, the usage of ALL CAPS can change the meaning of a written message without you knowing.

Normally, it's considered as shouting, and unless you're greeting someone ecstatically, or celebrating a very significant event; all caps almost always is interpreted as aggressively asserting one's self in a not so positive way (e.g. shouting, being angry, etc.)

As such, while we do not prohibit the use of all caps, be mindful that when you DO, you run the risk of misinterpretation... so to be safe, just type normally. Unless of course, as the "nature" of caps in the internet implies, you plan to assert something aggressively with complete disregard of standard netiquette practices.

Regarding the preference of a certain language

I was surprised to see that this even became an issue in one of the threads, so I guess it would be better to address it to put everything to rest.

You are free to use any language you like with the condition that you should be sure that the majority of people understand you. This community is MOSTLY Filipino, so the Filipino language is used quite often in the discussions.

However, English is also accepted - and to a certain extent encouraged for the reason stated below:

We must remember that we are in the internet - and that this is an ONLINE messageboard, which can be viewed by any person from any country. English is obviously the language of choice if you want to get the best chance of people understanding what you're trying to say (except probably for the French).

This does not imply however, that a person who has poor english skills should feel pressured to speak in english. If you can speak in english, then good for you, but if you can't, then just stick to the language you're more comfortable with (for as long as the majority can understand you) - it certainly is better to speak in your native tongue instead of sounding incoherent with another language (e.g. english).
Regarding the distribution of [possibly] copyrighted material

However, we do not want to condone copyright infringement, nor do we want to abolish said useful sections altogether. As such, we've decided to explicitly state that we reserve the right to take down any material shared or linked to if we deem it will cause legal trouble.

While most of this will be on a case-to-case basis, it goes without saying that should there be explicit requests for material to be taken down (by authors or labels) then we will comply with no questions asked.

Promotion System

All registered users will have some limitations upon joining the board. Among these limitations are:
A bunch of private messaging features are disabled/missing (message tracking, etc.)
Inability to create a poll (but you can still view and vote)
Inability to use signatures
Inability to attach/download files to/from posts
Inability to use profile pictures
Inability to use email a friend
Inability to delete own posts within a given grace period
Excluded from the automated birthday greeting system

If a user however reaches 30 posts, they will be promoted as a regular user and these limitations will be lifted.

One of the purposes of this system is to minimize/avoid the trouble in "organizing" misappropriated posts. More importantly, it can also serve as an incentive to be active in the forums - and entice users to contribute to healthy discussions.

Please do not attempt to post-pad. Post-padding is when someone posts worthless posts anywhere else just to get their post count up. If you are suspected of such, you better be careful as the consequences could go as far as banning you from the forums.
Cheers, and welcome to the Roman Catholic Music Ministry


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